The Kaas Crops mod is not just your typical crop mod! Its features include; flowers, rusting tools, canning, many crops to grow, more wild vegetation and a LOT of food! The mod delivers these features, making the Minecraft world much more vibrant and fun! Collect and turn flowers into seeds- growing vegetables, flowers and fruits! Decorate your home with numerous new flowers and grass vegetation while growing a wide array of foods for variety. The rusting tools give a much more realistic feel to cooking as your tools don't last forever, and the icon changes as you use them often! You can alternatively repair these items or let them break and build new ones! The farming world is yours to control!

Different flowers are found in different climates; you need to craft seeds with them based on the flower type. This allows you to enjoy foods from the climate areas you explore!

adds 6 new seeds to the game along with 28 new food items and 8 new cooking utensils!

Kaas Crops Mod
Farming Essentials
2022/10/19 13:51 · kaaspian

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