Seeds are items used to grow food crops in the Kaas Crops mod. There are currently six added seeds in the mod. Most seeds take around 4 to 7 growth stages to grow in the game, though some grow longer. Like vanilla crops, you can use bonemeal to speed up their growth. Seeds are found from the many flowers this mod generates; simply craft the flower into a seed, and you've got one! Search all over the world to find new seeds as they spawn in different biomes!

Fruit Seeds

Seed Produce Uses
Cooking ingredient for vinegar, pies and juice.
Blackberry Seeds Blackberry
Can be pickled.
Eggplant Seeds Eggplant

Vegetable Seeds

Seed Produce Uses
Cabbage Seeds Cabbage
Cavolo Nero Seeds Cavolo Nero
Onion Seeds Onion

Other Seeds

Seed Produce Uses
Used for tea drinks, hojicha and many desserts!
Tea Seeds Tea, White Tea
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